Monday, October 22, 2012

Track and Scratches 1970

Cover by Joel Schuler

Staff: Philp Blanton, Shari Fitsimmons,
Diane Kramer, Donna Montgomery and
Mary Raynor; Advisors: Miss K. Kiskia,
Mrs. G. Crouch and Mr. R. Robertson

Rudyard Kipling
Lettering by Alex jay

Illustration by Bruce Hooper

page 1: Mike Adams

page 2: Debbie Pietrzak

page 3: Ray Alvariz and Donna

page 4: Gloria Allen

page 5: Karen Trimble

page 6: Lucy Baillargeon

page 7: Boyad Lewis

Lettering by Ray Castellano

Illustration by ?

page 8: Kirk Karman

page 9: Scott Craven

page 10: Veronica Alcaraz

Lettering by Ray Castellano

page 11: Sally Aspinall
page 12: Shari Fitsimmons

page 13: Gary Pederson

page 14: Yolanda Kakar

Illustration by Ray Castellano

page 15: Cindy Goff

Section divider

Illustration by Mike Adams

page 16: Doona Weams

page 17: Ray Hedges

Lettering by ?
page 18: Lisa McMakin, Pat Gillespie,
Robert Barnett, Mark Remm and
Cathy Gregg

page 19: David Raney, Donna Weams,
Bill Fye, Mark Remm and Cathy Gregg

Section divider

page 20: Janet Jepson

page 21: Debbie Attaway

page 22: Mike Adams

Lettering by Ray Castellano

page 23: Michael R. Adams

page 24: Lorece Halliburton

Section divider
page 25: Carol Disbrow

page 26: Donna Weams

page 27: Joan Chambers

Lettering by Ray Castellano

page 28: Ed McKinley, Cathy Gregg
and David Raney

page 29: Anonymous

page 30: Bob Johnson, Arnold Molina
and Tony Robles

page 31: Gloria Ramos, Marie Thomas
and Carol Allison

page 32: Cheryl Boiko and Art Mankel

page 33: Casey Alvarez
page 34: Paula Modlin

page 35: Roy Davis, Carol Nystuen and
Wayne R. Young

Section divider

page 36: Kenneth Schein

Illustration by Alex Jay

page 37: Alex Jay

page 37A: Alex Jay

page 38: Susan Weishaar and
Janet Rogers

Lettering by Alex Jay

page 39: Chuck Miller

page 40: Marian Killingsworth

Illustration by Mike Adams

page 41: Terri Guinn

page 42: Jeff Ross

page 43: Shari Fitsimmons

page 44: Korrin Kading

page 45: Lorece Halliburton and
Ronnie Tacker

page 46: Carol Power and John Meek

page 47: Barbara Francois

page 48: Paul Shaffer
page 49: Ray Alvarez and
Rosie Castillano

page 50: Diane Alcantar

page 51: Barbara Francois

page 52: Lucy Baillargeon

Illustration by Ray Castellano

page 53: Michael E. Richmond

page 54: Sharon Meehl

page 55: Janet Wallace

page 56: Cathy Brown

Illustration by Mike Adams
page 57: Chavelo Rios

page 58: Holly Antone

page 59: Rena Davis

page 60: Bill Koenig

page 61: Debra Mumme and Linda King

page 62: Robbie Sensibaugh and
Betty Johnson

page 63: Alice Mejia

page 64: Paul Shaffer

page 65: Donna Weans

page 66: Johnny Roberson and
Deborah Osborne

page 67: Veone Atkinson

page 68: Margaret Castillo

page 69: Cindy Ross

page 70: Philip Blanton

Section divider

page 71: Mike Adams

page 71A: Mike Adams

page 72: Glenda Thomas

page 73: Donna Weams

Section divider
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